Client Profile - Vetiver vs. Ike, Texas, USA

Monday, November 10, 2008

Warren from Texas shared these pictures and comments with me a few days after hurricane Ike devastated the Galveston area. This first picture and others at Picasa show Warren's year-old hedges of Vetiver grass at his property on Trinity Bay, the northeast portion of Galveston Bay.

With about 500 plants already in the ground protecting and recovering his coastline, Warren ordered an additional 500 plants from Agriflora that he received about three weeks before Ike - and had not been planted at Trinity yet. Although he had done an excellent job with the planning and planting, he did not feel that he had the coverage to resist a severe hurricane event. Fortunately, he was wrong. He sent me the second picture on Octobrer 8 with these comments:
"This picture was taken two weeks after Hurricane Ike on the East side of Trinity Bay just about 1500 linear feet from North of Oak Island Community which had about 95% total devastation. There is cord grass that survived Spring planting and along the top of the bank is Vetiver grass. This grass was under water 24 hours before the tidal surge of 17 feet hit on high tide around 2:00 a.m. Saturday morning September 13th, 2008. The Vetiver grass tops are somewhat burnt but all of it survived.
"Three weeks prior to Hurricane Ike, I planted 500 sprigs of Vetiver in a bed of topsoil next to my house that had over four feet of water in it and much destruction due to the tidal surge. They were strong enough that I only lost a few, and that was due to a boat and some tree limbs falling on top of them. I removed the debris and I bet that the plants will still make it. The other 96 Vetiver plants that I had planted in various areas around the house are also alive and well.
"If this is not a testimony to Vetiver, I don't know what is!"
In spite of the devastating winds and storm surge, Warren's plants did an amazing job of conserving his coastline. Personally, I see very little difference in the before and after pictures. This round goes to the Vetiver.


Agriflora Tropicals said...

This post was very hard for me to write. Notwithstanding Vetiver's success in defending Warren's Trinity Bay property, his damage elsewhere has been overwhelming. His grandmother's cabin and his mother's two story house in Anahuac are two of just a handful of houses that may still be repaired. This You Tube video ( the destruction done by Hurricane Ike in his neighborhood. It is difficult to watch.

IRON said...

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