NRCS Plant Guide on Vetiver

Friday, May 29, 2009

Stop the presses! This is front page news about Vetiver that may, once and for all, answer some of the doubts that you may have about this plant.

The NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Service) of the US Department of Agriculture has issued a new Plant Guide on Vetiver. It comes from the NRCS office in Hawaii and has excellent information about the Vetiver plant and the Vetiver System.

The Vetiver community is very pleased with this publication, but a few of its statements may need clarification or updating.
  • The range of soil pH that the plant will tolerate has been documented by the Vetiver Network International as being 3.3 to 12.5 without soil amendment and is so stated in its publications. The guide states 4 to 7.5 which its limiting its application unnecessarily.
  • Except in very difficult enviroments, the plants do not need irrigation or large amounts of fertilizer to become established.
  • The case of "a stem bending down into moist soil and rooting at the node" is so improbable that people working with Vetiver for over 50 years have never seen it.
Be sure to pick up a copy of this guide here, and share it with other people that may benefit from this information.


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