Vetiver Roots Excavation in Brazil

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Showing  Vetiver roots in a picture or in a slide show is what most of us do when we give a presentation about our plants.  Fernando Costa Pinto of Biofabrica JAFM in Brazil does not take the easy way out.  For his display at the 2009 SOBRADE Congress on November 2009, Fernando decided to show the real thing.

My Picasa album, Vetiver roots excavation in Brazil and my YouTube video show, step-by-step, the ordeal of the excavation process required to exhibit these 10-foot roots.  Vetiver is known for grabbing onto the soil and not letting go.  These photos prove that beyond any doubt.  Thank you, Fernando, for this unique demonstration!

SOBRADE stands for Sociedade Brasileira de Recuperação de Áreas Degradadas and the congress took place Novermber 9-13 on Curitiba, Brazil.  An attendance of 380 members from 15 countries gave this event significant global importance.  Vetiver plays an important role in this context of land rehabilitation and Biofabrica JAFM in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil is a major contributor in that difficult field. 

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