Vetiver Blogs - Some New, Some Improved

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Over the last few weeks I have been bad about writing in my own blog. I was busy, however, helping out other Vetiver bloggers to ramp up their sites. 

The "most improved" award goes to the site of The Vetiver Network International blog itself.  Many new features have been added including much better visibility of what is being published by other Vetiver sites.  A new subsection provides easy links to various official publications in PDF and hard cover.  This is the top blog on Vetiver around the world and it is written by Dick Grimshaw, Chairman of TVNI himself.

Both the Vetiver Latina blog in Spanish, and the Vetiver Brazil blog in Portuguese, received facelifts with new layouts, color schemes, and widgets to make them more attractive and organized.

Finally John Greenfield, father of the Vetiver movement, now has his own personal blog, John Greenfield's World, where you will find stories, anecdotes, and humor not found at any other of the sites.

All these sites now have the "Blog Concierge" service where you can choose to receive new articles on email.  RSS subscription services are also available for your favorite RSS reader if you like that better.

A now look for this blog is also in my "to do" list for sometime soon.  Each of these blogs has its own style and character, and I encourage you, my reader, to get to know them all.


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