Social Groups of The Vetiver Netwok International

Sunday, December 16, 2012


Many of our readers already participate in the Vetiver Grass Users Group - Facebook which is daily adding members from around the world. The success of this site in the social networking environment has encouraged us to start a similar effort in the new Google+ service which recently created a feature called "Communities" which similarly allows like-minded people to come together and share knowledge and experiences.

As with the Facebook group, I am the creator of this community with the help of many Vetiver Network International members. You can visit the site and apply for membership at The Vetiver Grass Network - Google+

I realize that participating in both sites is time-consuming - so chose the one you like best and be active in it,  Vetiver is getting a lot of visibility worldwide through the social groups and more and more "friends of friends" are hearing about the merits of our favorite plant.  In the end, this benefits everyone.

We look forward to your participation in either or both - please go now to join:

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