The Agriflora Tropicals Store 2.0

Monday, April 29, 2013


Vetiver Solutions Logo 100x100Our Agriflora Tropicals web store just came back from a major facelift.  Although I still can not find a color scheme and wallpaper that I like better, almost everything else got fine tuned and reorganized. In its new incarnation, Agriflora 2.0 is now exclusively a store for vetiver plants. Sadly, we decided to say goodbye to the heliconias, gingers, and bananas that were the cornerstone of our beautiful farm. Our new logo with the curvy contour lines of our vetiver hedges is a better symbol of our new direction and will be replacing our aging Red Caribaea heliconia image everywhere.

The new layout places all the educational information about vetiver in tabs accessible from every page including sections about the vetiver plant, the vetiver system, planting and caring, our production method, our professional credentials, frequently asked questions, and a page that displays the latest post in our Vetiver Solutions Blog and Blog Vetiver Puerto Rico.  Fans now have easy links to our Facebook page, our newsletter, and our other sales venues at Amazon, eBay, and Facebook.

Buyers now have an easier and faster checkout experience through PayPal Express.  Google Checkout, never a popular payment method, is no longer interested in supporting sellers with Puerto Rico addresses and has been removed after our several ineffective attempts at communicating with intelligent life at their end.  We apologize to the very few customers that ever used it.  It will not be missed.

Please come and take a look. Your comments below will tell  us if we got it right. Please do not leave the store without giving a “Like” to our Facebook page and registering for our newsletter.  I’ll see you there.

Vetiver Grass in Vertical Carbon Sequestration

Saturday, April 20, 2013


I am sure that you have heard me say before that we have only just started to discover the many applications where vetiver grass can make a significant contribution to improve land, air, and water environmental problems. This excellent article, VetiVertical City in Shanghai, China, published online by Architect, the magazine of the American Institute of Architects, opens the floodgates to the possibility of urban installations where vertical fields of vetiver can play a role cleaning the polluted city environment.

Granted, this comes directly from the Easier-said-than-done Department and it is still a conceptual proposal by italian architect Eugenio Aglietti. Nevertheless, seeing a detailed presentation like this (note that there are 12 pictures in the scrolling photo strip) means that architects, engineers, and city planners have taken notice of the possibilities offered by our favorite plant.

The article tells us that Shanghai is one of the Chinese cities with the highest levels of CO2 emissions per capita and held the lead as the biggest carbon dioxide emitter between 2004 and 2007. Could we ask for a better testing ground?

In a previous article in this blog in 2009, Vetiver in Carbon Sequestration, I discussed some of the early research using vetiver for this purpose. It seems that the idea is now moving from research to reality. The article estimates that 4,000 billion Vetiver plants all over the world would be needed to handle the global excess of CO2. Let's get to work!

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