Plantas de Vetiver para sus proyectos

Our Vetiver plants and other tropical plants are available through our Internet store - Agriflora Tropicals. The store provides for estimating and ordering plants and for receiving them by Priiority Mail. This is the fastest alternative for obtaining your plants. Visit Vetiver Plants - Plant Kits to get started.

At present we have no facilities to serve the public directly on our farm. Orders of 50 plants or more (in multiples of 50) can be ordered through the store to be picked up at the farm. It will send a map and make arrangements for an appointment to customers who opt for this alternative. Use the Puerto Rico Bulk Packs page to order this option.

We are in the best position to advise our clients free of charge via email. Send us photos of your project with accurate measurements and we will provide an estimate of the number of plants needed. For more complex cases, in Puerto Rico, you can request a visit for a detailed estimate on Page Field Visit - Puerto Rico Only. This page details the cost of the visit based on the location of the project. This cost is recoverable proportionately through the eventual purchase of plants for the project.

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NRCS Partner